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About Bella...


Specializing in knowledgeable loving pet care with over 10 years experience

My name is Bella Carrillo, I am an island native and absolutely LOVE animals. My love for all animals starting when I was a young girl. I found myself aways surrounding myself with animals of all kinds... dogs, ferrets, horses, pigs, birds, rabbits. Recently I have realized that I want to turn my passion for animals into a business, so I am currently offering many dog care services here on Martha's Vineyard. I have been working extensively with the organization Sandy Paws the past year and want to share my passion and knowledge with the island community. I look forward to caring for your dog, whether you just need a pop in feeding or walk or possibly you need a doggy sitter to watch over canine companion while away on vacation. I will give your dog the same love and care I give to my own. Looking forward to helping you soon!!!! 

Loving and Knowledgable

Bella is a loving and caring young lady. She is well aware of an animals needs and how to properly care for various types of dogs. Bella is sure to ask all the necessary questions about any dog in her care to make sure that they are happy and safe. She is aware of a younger dog or puppies need for extra potty breaks, and plenty of exercise. Bella also has the patience for dogs that are a bit more shy and unsure.

Ashley E Medeiros

Sandy Paws Rescue Inc.

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